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                                                                        FESVEDY LUXURY HOUSE


We bring together our in-house designed collections offering a unique savoir-faire.


 We are an innovative Canadian Label, fusing together elegant and relaxed luxury clothing, shoes and accessories for women.


 While designing and producing each of our ready-to-wear luxury collections, we emphasize on our refined craftsmanship, relaxed, comfort and elegant embellishment while articulating the enigmatic silhouettes of our inspirations. We use an assemblage of timeless color pallets and eco-friendly textiles and textures that can best bring forth the essence of our enunciated visions.


 The world is our muse, and each one of our collections is derived from an infinite universal manifestation.


 We strive to transform the mundane cliché notions that are bound within the fashion industry, and as designers, we want to breakdown those boundaries. Inventive collections and conceptual projects have become a fundamental part of who we are as designers.


 We are captivated by the universality of life, and our inspirations exude such diverse energy, we refuse to adapt to an ordinary conventional way of thinking.


 Timeless elegance and strength defines Fesvedy's ready-to-wear line and is exhibited within the aristocracy of our execution, evoking a feeling of nostalgia and invention.


 We create and reveal our exclusive collections every year and have been showcased within numerous fashion weeks, internationally and within North American.





                                                                        FOUNDERS OF FESVEDY


 Georgian Fashion Designer, Marita Mamuchashvili and Kakha Beri, Georgian Artist/Designer, founded The House of Fesvedy in 2014. 


 The designer duo met in 2013 when Marita Mamuchashvili had traveled from Europe to Vancouver, British Columbia after receiving her Master's Degree at TBILISI State Academy of Art.


 Marita had arrived in Vancouver to showcase her first collection "Cryptogram" while participating within Vancouver Fashion Week. It was there that Marita met Georgian Artist/designer, Kakha Beri, who had already been residing in Vancouver for the duration of 12 years.


 While possessing the same interests and views, Marita and Kakha began an enthralling journey together, identifying and exploring art, architecture, futurism and the tradition of various cultures within society. 


 Collectively they have opened a world of distinct possible imaginative worlds.


 Through their combined conceptualizing and inspirational insights, Fesvedy Fashion House was brought to life, resulting in a natural succession.


 It's that interplay of antiquated refinement and futuristic construction that has led Fesvedy to grace the pages of Vogue, highlighting the captivation of their unique designs. 


 Marita and Kakha have a razor-sharp clarity and vision that they bring to their collections, ensuring that each design systematically has a perfect balance. A balance of textures, colors, refined silhouettes, proportion and ingenuity, nothing more, nothing less. They have incorporated these fundamental components so fluidly within their designs.






 "Collapse" has been Fesvedy's most impactful and notable collection s/s 18. 

The collection has captivated the attention of the most influential media headlines, renowned fashion editors from Vogue and some of the most prominent industry leaders.


 The designer duo offers an interpretive perspective on the destruction of the ancient masterpiece monuments that are located within Georgia's historical Tao-Klarjeti region.


 The Designer duo has mastered the union between fashion, architecture, art and the history of their native homeland, Georgia, home to the Caucasus Mountains villages within Europe.


 The most prominent architectural monuments of Georgian culture have always inspired Marita and Kakha. They have extracted the history from these monuments through intricately fusing the detail of these sculptures collectively within their designs.


 While preserving history, Fesvedy unites their ancient Georgian culture with the new world, blending the historical Georgian archives and structure within "Collapse."


 Exhaustive structural lines, subtle silhouettes and definitive details are derived from the hallmarks of these extraordinary temples. 


 "Collapse" exhibits a cultivating discernment of destruction and conceptually conveys this through their subtle prints and an array of rich rustic colors and earthy tones. The striking pallet emulates the fragments and remnants of the ancient ruins that scarcely remain.


 They unveiled their immortal capsule collection of shoes during Fesvedy's walk down the runway at NYFW in September 2017. The exquisite high heel that adorned these shoes represented pillars of strength, metaphorically symbolizing the remaining supporting pillars of the ancient temples that are on the verge of collapse.


 All of these integral elements combined have been meticulously integrated into their collection "Collapse," and mirror the mass destruction that has reined over these archaic testaments throughout decades.


 The independent Fesvedy Atelier is located within Georgia, Europe, the soul of where their artistic process takes place. Marita and Kakha also emphasize on the importance of domestic production within Canada, where both Designers reside.






 "Collapse" NYFW s/s 18, September 2017


"Collapse" has been Fesvedy's most notable collection s/s 18 and has been featured within Vogue.


 VFW 2017 (Vancouver Fashion) Week s/s 18


 TWFW (Toronto Women's Fashion Week) in October 2017

"Collapse" had taken over the runway within TWFW.  CFG has noted Toronto Women's Fashion Week as the most influential platform within Canada and had featured more than 36 of Canadians most iconic designers with solo runway presentations, celebrity fashion shows, and two collective fashion shows.


 2017 spring collection "Cryptogram" showcased in Barcelona, Spain



VFW 2015 F/W (Vancouver Fashion)


 "First Nation Art." inspired by the Aboriginal culture within North America


2015 F/W 2014 Eco Fashion Week Vancouver


"First Nation Art"


 Eco Fashion Week showcases only the most eco-conscious designers and their collections. Sustainable fashion is something we are notably passionate about. We work continuously towards bringing forth awareness to the importance of social and environmental responsibilities, and ethical working conditions within the fashion industry.


 2015 /Art World Expo, Gallery of delights


 Silent Auction proceeds donated to Make & Break Foundation, for children's summer camps and Art Education and Art Programs.



 2016 Fesvedy participated in Elephantasia a collective campaign addressing fashions impact on the planet. "Fashion for Conservation"

 (Campaign against elephant slaughtering)


 Throughout the years we have associated ourselves amongst individuals who intend to make a positive change on a global level. We have participated in various campaigns involving causes that we firmly believe in.


 Our White Cashmere line was to support the annual awareness of breast cancer.

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